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Michael Reichert nakaner at gmx.net
Wed Oct 21 15:16:09 UTC 2015

Hi Sander,

Am 2015-10-21 um 16:56 schrieb Sander Deryckere:
> I'm developing a tool called POI Importer (
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/POI_Importer ). It's a combination of QA
> and community-powered import.
> The aim is that different databases of POIs will be uploaded to the tool,
> then the tool will compare it with the existing OSM data, and allows users
> to import the POI one by one in their area.
> I tried to combine the following:
>    - Local verification: by showing the points on a map (instead of picking
>    a random one like maproulette), the users will most likely stay close to
>    the area they know well, which lowers the chance of copying errors.
>    - Support for multiple tags at once: many POI datasets contain multiple
>    tags. Think about name, operator, opening hours, contact info, ... Some of
>    that data might be already in OSM, some not.
>    - Data is easy to update: The comparison with OSM happens live (thanks
>    to Overpass API), so it's just a matter of updating the 3rd party data when
>    there's a new dataset available

Your tool is similar (but different) to the POIchecker by Sozialhelden
(the organization behind Wheelmap)

> So far, I've been developing with the dataset of our PT bus company (see
> http://poi-importer.github.io/#map=14/50.9343/4.0518&datasets=BE_dl ) this
> data is rather dense, which was ideal to test the speed.
> Now I'm looking to find other datasets. Thinking of big chains with a
> number of shop locations, or certain umbrella groups representing a number
> of small enterprises. These companies will usually have no (or fewer)
> problems with giving that data away for free (it's free publicity for
> them). So I think we should be able to find some usable databases.
> Does anyone currently have POI datasets that could be used?

You might Sozialhelden if they have some data for private testing. You
may also ask the people which proposed and performed an Aral import in
Germany a few months ago. (You might use the OSM data before the import,
otherwise your test may end with too much good results)

What about a look in at an open-data website of a town/country of your
choice? They also have data which is mapped at OSM.

Best regards


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