[Imports] Import of kindergartens in Norway

Øystein Bjørndal obtitus at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 16:11:14 UTC 2015

We have gotten permission to use a dataset containing active
kindergartens in Norway (about 6000 nodes) for import/conflation to OSM.
I have prepared this dataset for import into OSM, and have had contact
with the local OSM community. 

Unfortunately the lat/lon data is very variable, while most of the
positions are very good, sometimes they are 100 meters wrong, and other
times clustered in the middle of the postal code. The import will
therefore be done by people with local knowledge and conflation will be
done manually. (This means we will probably never reach 100% coverage in
the foreseeable future).

The dataset contains (among other things) contact:* information. To keep
this up-to-date I have written a script that looks for changes in the
official dataset. This script does not overwrite any modified
openstreetmap values, a key-value is only modified if the previous
opensteetmap data agrees with the previous official value (see link
below for details).

Have a look at the wiki page:
and let me know if you have any inputs or objections.

We could possibly use the POI_Importer mentioned on this list, to make
the manual conflation simpler, but I guess that is another thread,
Øystein Bjørndal

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