[Imports] Import Apulia buildings

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Oct 24 13:47:32 UTC 2015


   the wiki page currently lists only yourself as one of the many people
who will run the import, and from my superficial look it seems as you
have assigned yourself quite a large region.

An import such as this must not be run automatically; it must be done by
people with local knowledge who will also verify the data while
uploading. This does not only mean that they run the validator and fix
stuff that the validator brings up - they are also expected to use their
knowledge and judgement to verify that the data makes sense.

In similar imports in other countries, while mappers had initially
started to import data only for their home region, they had a tendency
to venture more and more outwards ("nobody local has volunteered to do
the import for $REMOTE_VILLAGE yet so I'll do it"). In the end you have
an import covering a huge area but essentially run by three or four
people. But this also means that the chance of getting more people
interested has been wasted, and the required future manual work in
keeping the data current will also largely rest on the shoulders of
those few people.

Why am I saying all this? - I would suggest that each of you only
imports a *small* area that they are familiar with, and refrain from
taking on too much work. If that means that the import will take a long
time then so be it. I fear that you are setting a bad example in
assigning yourself the provinces of Lecce, Taranto, and Brindisi -
others might see that and think: "Well I have to do a large area too."

Perhaps you should set a good example and restrict yourself to a smaller

I see that you already have estimated that the import might take a year
which to me is a good sign - much better than some of the import plans
we see here that proclaim completion by the end of the month ;)


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