[Imports] San Francisco building heights import

Brandon Liu bdon at bdon.org
Fri Dec 9 04:26:06 UTC 2016

Thanks everyone for your input - moving forward, we've continued to
recruit local mappers to ensure the long term success of the project.
These include some of the top contributors[1] of buildings in the
area, outside of the MapBox data team. FInd an updated list on the
Wiki here:


We have also created a validation tool[2] to do side-by-side
cross-referencing of street imagery with 3D building heights. This
makes it easy and accessible for mappers to assess the quality of the
data against a second source. This can be generalized to review height
data elsewhere in OSM - email me if you're interested and I'd be happy
to help make it work in your local area.


[1] https://github.com/osmlab/sf_building_height_import/issues/21
[2] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/San_Francisco_Building_Height_Import#Validation

On Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 4:33 PM, Pavel Machek <pavel at ucw.cz> wrote:
> On Fri 2016-12-02 15:33:10, Chris Hill wrote:
>> On 02/12/16 11:19, James wrote:
>> >+1 Greg
>> >
>> >Frederik if you read the wiki, there are multiple examples proving +3m in
>> >one case(out of 283m so very low in overall %), but a couple cm in
>> >others(for big buildings). There is even an example to prove small
>> >buildings are accurate as well.
>> >
>> >It's cases like this that make me think some people are against improving
>> >the map faster, and do everything in an archaic way. Would you also
>> >question if someone went from building to building with a measuring tape,
>> >saying how do we know this person knows how to measure properly?
>> I think it is entirely reasonable for Frederik to ask these questions in the
>> polite, concise way that he does. Imports have a chequered history in OSM.
>> Local ownership seems to make a big difference.
> Actually I agree with James here. They are adding building
> heights. That does not add any maintainence burden, so it is right
> thing to do.
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