[Imports] API to add points to OSM from our taxi driver app

Lars-Erik Wessman larserik at taxijakt.se
Sat Jul 2 09:00:06 UTC 2016

Hi OpenStreetMaps!

We have started to use OSM in our system and can see that many house
numbers are missing in the data.

We would like to add functionality in our taxi driver app to make it
possible for our taxi drivers to provide those missing house number
addresses with GPS-locations.

Our drivers could "checkin" on missing house numbers when they are at the
location. Maybe also our support people could review those checkins before
they are uploaded to OSM.

I think that we eventually could proved most missing house numbers in a
country we are operating in. For now we are operating in Sweden (taxijakt.se)
and in Poland (taxismart.pl) but more are coming.

I've started to read:

And found:

Telling to send an email to:
imports at openstreetmap.org

I've created the account Taxijakt and added some addresses manually. For

I've found that I could test things on the dev server

I've found that we could create JOSM files and upload them through the JOSM

Or via bulk_upload.py

Is some of those the way for us to go?

Suggestions, comments?

Best Regards,
Lars-Erik Wessman
Taxijakt AB
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