[Imports] Thimphu City data import

Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 12:12:50 UTC 2016

Hi, Christoph:

There isn't any confusion, at least not on my side. I never said that 
this is not an import. It is an import because we get data from an 
organization (Thimphu city council) to incorporate to OSM. What I say is 
that, as the import is fully manual and all building footprints will be 
checked and aligned one by one against Bing, it is technically very 
similar to remote editing using Bing. That's quite clear. Another thing 
would be if we made a semi-automatic or automatic import, a type of 
imports that I respect, but I don't like generally, if you want my opinion.



On 07/07/16 23:26, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> On Thursday 07 July 2016, Rafael Avila Coya wrote:
>>> This statement astonishes me - if there is no organized local
>>> community but obviously locally made mapping you should try and
>>> contact mappers active in the area for their opinion.
>>> Note also Bhutan is a fairly popular tourist destination and there
>>> is likely quite a bit of local mapping done by visitors.  Even if
>>> you are not able to contact any native local mappers for their
>>> opinion you can certainly try to get in touch with people who have
>>> mapped in country there and who might be able to make a more
>>> competent assessment if such import makes sense or not.
>> Do I need to contact local mappers to trace buildings with aerial
>> imagery. [...]
> To me there seems to be a misconception here about the difference
> between remote mapping and an import.
> This is the import mailing list, its purpose is primarily the review of
> planned imports according to the import guidelines.  I am trying to do
> such a review here.  If this is not what this thread is meant to be
> about I am sorry for the confusion.

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