[Imports] Thimphu City data import

Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 18:50:59 UTC 2016

Hi, Christoph:

I guess it would be very surprising to anyone if one-time imports are 
acceptable, but not imports where a group of users check every single 
object, and correct/align/delete each of them before uploading.

I can't really imagine any import approach that assures a better Q&A, 
and be more consistent with general mapping in OSM and respectful with 
the community, than an open and collaborative manual import.



On 08/07/16 15:16, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> On Friday 08 July 2016, Rafael Avila Coya wrote:
>> Hi, Christoph:
>> There isn't any confusion, at least not on my side. I never said that
>> this is not an import. It is an import because we get data from an
>> organization (Thimphu city council) to incorporate to OSM. What I say
>> is that, as the import is fully manual and all building footprints
>> will be checked and aligned one by one against Bing, it is
>> technically very similar to remote editing using Bing.
> That all has no bearing on the import review process - for good reason
> there is no such thing as a fully manual import as far as the import
> guidelines and the review process are concerned.

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