[Imports] Updates:LA County building import (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Tue Jul 19 14:44:07 UTC 2016

On Tuesday 19 July 2016, maning sambale wrote:
> Another round of updates on LABuildings import.
> Last week we've imported ~1.1M buildings in LA City. Over 100
> usernames participated.
> We are close to finishing Phase 1 (LA City) and will continue data QA
> and cleanup if needed.

A few observations from looking over the map there:

* There are quite a few cases where gaps between buildings are either 
very small (significantly less than a meter) or buildings touch at a 
single node.  Both are usually artefacts (probably primarily due to 
roof based rather than footprint based outlines).
* There seem to be a lot of cases where garages and sheds are tagged as 
building=house or building=residential - like here:


* In some cases boundaries of pre-existing landuse polygons (like 
landuse=residential/landuse=industrial) and roads now intersect 
buildings indicating that mapping is inaccurate - like here:


All of these problems could probably be turned into maproulette tasks or 
be otherwise worked into QA tools - although at least the first two 
will require on-the-ground assessment for proper correction.

Christoph Hormann

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