[Imports] Province of Biella open data import

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Nov 23 18:20:26 UTC 2016


   your Wiki page does not give an example of the data to be imported.
Which properties are present in the source data, and how are you going
to convert this to OSM tags?

This is a crucial step where lots of things can go wrong. For example,
you say you want to import "topoynms" - of course we want to know what
kind of topoynms these are and how you intend to tag them in OSM. Or you
say you ewant to import roads - but of course the source data isn't
going to use OSM road classification, so what are your plans here? And
so on.

Also, there are two very imporant things in your Wiki page that I
implore you to take seriosly:

1. "The dataset will be loaded in JOSM and it will be merged with
existing OpenStreetMap data manually and prior to the upload."

Do not underestimate this process. Sadly, often enough an import claims
to be merging things with existing data, and in practice, people don't
have the patience and just delete existing data and replace it. Please
make sure this doesn't happen.

2. "A local mapper MUST choose the towns he knows best."

You currently have two collaborators listed, and it is unlikely that
between the two of you, you know every place best. This logically means
that some parts of the import will have to wait until someone is found
who knows the area well. Many importers start out with big plans for a
community import, and then end up importing everything themselves when
they can't find other local community members to help quickly enough.
Please don't succumb to this; if your import takes longer then it takes
longer, but don't run off and import all the towns yourself just because
you want it finished.


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