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Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Thu Oct 20 13:08:27 UTC 2016

On Thursday 20 October 2016, James wrote:
> Christoph, the source data for buildings has 0 tags that need to be
> translated as it is only building footprints and *0 attributes*. The
> source on an Ottawa web site/federal website is non-existant for the
> time being as: the city of ottawa litterally gave statscan a file on
> a flash drive to deal with it: [...]

Well - without context on specifications and origin of the data i cannot 
properly assess the import plans for it.  We do not even know when this 
data was surveyed.

Overall this approach is highly questionable.  Apparently someone 
working for the City of Ottawa would like to see this data in OSM so 
they make exactly this data in exactly the form they like to see in OSM 
available and lobby for having it imported - without any evidence 
regarding the quality and suitability of the data.

If after the import it becomes evident that there were systematic 
quality problems with the original data - will they accept 
responsibility to fix these problems in OSM then?  Or do they truly 
believe the data being flawless because it was prepared by 'GIS 

Sorry if i come across here overly strong - but the attitude 
communicated so far, which comes across clearly as 'these import plans 
are beyond reproach so any concerns are obviously without basis' is 
quite disrespectful for those who invest time to point out possible 
problems.  As Steward indicated you would be well advised to take the 
Los Angeles buildings import as an example.

> Des Forets Avenue (What's wrong with this? There are french road
> names especially in orleans "Des Forest" means Forests in English)


Note these are just examples from a few tiles i looked at.  It is very 
likely that the whole data set contains more of such cases.

Christoph Hormann

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