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Ok, so for those who haven’t googled me yet and figure it out.  I work for Dakota County.  So I talked to my boss today and he said we can be listed on the Contributors page, but that I shouldn’t go beyond that with any additional wording that may be misconstrued as legal language from our attorney.  This disclaimer predates the free and open policy and we’ve heard from others that it might be a tiny sticking point for some in the community.  It has been our intent since the creation of the policy that anyone and everyone can use the data, especially OSM.  

Because of this conversation, I now get to write a new disclaimer as the old one has become an issue.  It obviously was going to need it eventually.  So if anyone has some suggestions on that, please send them my way so we can get that through the attorney in the coming weeks and avoid and confusion moving forward.  😉



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My goodness, ladies and gentlemen:  put an attribution to Dakota County, Minnesota on the correct section of our Contributors wiki page (4.4.something) and be done with this!

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