[Imports] Upload of data from the city council in Girona, Spain.

Lluís Vicens lluis.vicens at udg.edu
Fri Apr 21 15:09:44 UTC 2017

Dear list members, 

As a result of the previous discussion about importing new and updated
data of Girona city into OSM, we have decided to postpone the update of
the buildings because the suggested way to carry out this task it is a
very time consuming operation, and we don't have the necessary time to
do it right now. In any case, if there's no objections, I would like to
upload the other two datasets I mentioned in my previous email.

On one hand, there are the public buildings (municipal facilities such
as schools, libraries, community centres, health centres...). This
dataset contains a little bit more of 400 points. I've prepared a new
dataset that contains all the public buildings (adding the new ones)
and in those cases that the point already existed on the OSM data, I
proceeded to update the old one with the updated information in order
to not delete the existing point. Hope this is ok.

On the other hand, there are about 2000 points (already on OSM data)
corresponding to "addr:housenumbers". This data was originally uploaded
by Xevi Barnada (90%) in the past. I did contact him (in fact, we know
to each other) and he agreed that we can delete this data because there
are some errors and some inconsistencies, and once removed it, I will
import the correct 15.497 points (coming from the municipality's
cartographic department) corresponding to the real and correct
addr:housenumbers for the entire municipality.

Hope to count on you approval to improve the Girona OSM data.

Kind regards.
Have a nice weekend.

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