[Imports] Walmart import

Mike N niceman at att.net
Mon Dec 18 13:07:00 UTC 2017

On 12/16/2017 8:01 AM, Ilya Zverev wrote:

> OSM Conflator works only with nodes, except when it updates tags on
> polygons. If you like mapping building outlines, please do a challenge
> for MapRoulette after this import. Brandify doesn't have building outlines.

   A post-import MapRoulette challenge would make sense.  A natural 
progression when adding SuperCenter store detail is to add the POIs as 
separate nodes.   It should be no problem when adding them first except 
that the address would logically belong to the building unless the 
embedded stores have their own unit/suite number.

> De-abbreviating street names and distinguishing "Fourth Street of Oaks"
> from "4, Street of Oaks" is a very complex task, and unrelated to the
> importing subject. I thought the street address from the source data
> would be better added to some tag on an object, but without touching
> addr:street and addr:housenumber. And addr:full looks good for this.
> There is no rules for this tag, and city and country are usually
> geocoded, so the value can help when searching.

   The nearby OpenStreetMap road name could help since it's already in 
the proper form.   But there are also many US or state Highways that 
haven't been set to a usable address name: for example the street and 
post office address would be "Highway 244" but the nearby US244 only has 
a ref but no name, or it is named "United States Highway 244".

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