[Imports] RFC for City of Basel Suburb Import

Johannes Singler johannes at singler.name
Sat Dec 30 09:14:40 UTC 2017

Am 29.12.2017 um 21:47 schrieb Rafael Avila Coya:

> The rule is that each segment should have as admin_level the highest 
> level of all the admin divisions it belongs to. 

I don't see this rule documented in
Can you please add it there?  Also, JOSM did not warn me about the 
missing admin_level.

> Although a bit off-topic, I have seen that all boundaries in Switzerland 
> need some corrections. When looking at level 9 entities, I checked for 
> example Jorat-Menthue (admin_level=8), in District du Gros-de-Vaud (6), 
> Canton of Vaud, that is divided in 5 admin_level=9 entities. I saw that 
> this Jorat-Menthue is duplicated (2 relations) [2]. > It would be nice
> that an experienced user of the Swiss OSM community has a check 
> nation-wide to correct this and other errors.

What other errors do you see?  Can you tell me an Overpass query that 
your insights are based on?


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