[Imports] Fwd: Helsingborg house number import

Andreas Vilén andreas.vilen at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 09:43:21 UTC 2017

During the last weeks we have discussed a house number import of
Helsingborg municipality in Sweden. The data is cc0 (
https://oppna.helsingborg.se/datakallor/Baskarta/) and there is, this far,
community consensus, for the import. I have registered the account
Grillo_import to handle the import, and will do it slowly. I use the
Swedish local "HOT" server to divide the municipality in small parts and
will take one part at a time to make sure not to introduce errors. I will
also merge the import data with the currently mapped housenumbers, and not
delete any superior data from other contributors.

I have done two test edits: https://www.openstreetmap.org/

The first edit imported the house numbers as they are, the other one merged
them with buildings. My plan is to do this for the entire import.

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