[Imports] New Zealand address import

Eliot Blennerhassett ewblen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 00:59:57 UTC 2017


Very early in this, but might as well put it out for comment...

I'm working on a proposal to merge NZ street address database from LINZ.

One major motivation is to make navigation to an address possible using
only openstreetmaps data, either via web, or e.g. OsmAnd android app.

Merging this dataset would also free mappers from the near-impossible
task of manual address entry for the whole country.

Early draft of proposal is here, including information about the source
data, tagging, conflict handling etc. is here:


Discussion in the NZ community is ongoing here (and possibly in other
topics of the same group):


To anticipate some questions.
* The source data is CC-BY, and the attribution requirements are well
* The NZ OSM data contains about 40 thousand addresses, the LINZ
database 2 million.
* Stage 1 of the proposal would merge only addresses that aren't already
in OSM.  Further stages would deal with existing data, e.g. verifying
existing point addresses, and how to handle polygons with addresses etc.


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