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Brian May bmay at mapwise.com
Thu Nov 9 01:53:20 UTC 2017

Its critical to know where the lat/longs came from. For example, if they 
came from Google Maps - then its a no go, because Google's licensing is 
incompatible with OSM. Their geocodes are not public domain, etc. Same 
thing applies to many / most other commercial geocoding services. If you 
don't know how the lat/longs were derived, then that is probably a show 
stopper as well.


On 11/8/2017 1:53 PM, Sean Lindsey wrote:
> We have open sourced our US POI data, it may not be ready for a direct 
> import into OSM, but we'd be willing to try to get it there.
> Its a national directory of 59 million US businesses, that has been 
> updated as of this summer. And should be getting another refresh shortly.
> What process is there to discuss and work to integrate this data?
> The data is available under a creative commons attribution license at 
> https://omniplaces.cybo.com/
> I would be willing to waive and/or clarify certain aspects of the 
> licence if needed however.
> * I asked this same question in help.openstreetmap.org 
> <https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/60508/submit-open-source-poi-data>, 
> and was referred to these mailing lists
> Regards,
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