[Imports] NavAds fuel stations import, take 3

Stéphane Péneau stephane.peneau at wanadoo.fr
Wed Apr 4 19:18:11 UTC 2018

Hello Ilya,

The French community has reviewed this proposed import but refuses it
as is, for various reasons listed below.

- A lot of "new" amenity=fuel are already in Osm
The conflation tool should check the existing fuel stations in a larger 

- Most opening_hours are wrong.
A lot of fuel stations can be used 24/7 with a bank card. Moreover, when 
some opening hours are present in your data set they usually represent 
the opening hours of the supermarket, neither the 24/7 automatic station 
nor the opening hour of the station when operated with personal for the 

- Phone numbers :
When a fuel station belongs to a supermarket, the imported phone number 
is the supermarket one. We don't think it's a useful information.
You could check whether a phone number is duplicated in the data (most 
likely the number of the company) or already on another node in the 
vicinity (most likely the number of the supermarket the station is 
attached to). If you find something, please don't import the phone number.

- Don't delete imported objects with ref:navads
Sorry but we disagree. Check on your side if you must ignore a POI 
before adding it over and over in Osm.
Users should be able to remove a node that does not exist in reality 
without looking for possible applications or imports that may want to 
add the node over and over again in OSM. Please check whether the POI 
should be ignored before importing it in an update.

- ref:navads
This ref tag is a private one. Nobody can use it. We understand that it 
will be easier for you to update the fuel station, but if everybody 
starts using their private tag, the database will become a mess.

- postal code
Why ? A postal code for a supermarket, a car's shop, it's ok, but on a 
fuel station ?

We already have an open fuel station database. These data are included 
in Osmose to let the contributors manually check each node.


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