[Imports] MassGIS Addresses - Phase 1 Import

Angela Morley amorley at protonmail.com
Sun Dec 30 14:30:25 UTC 2018

Hello everyone on imports@! I hope your holidays have been well thus far.

In Massachusetts, we've been working on an import to add address data to buildings state wide based on MassGIS data. This has been no easy process, and has many specific concerns which we've been working hard to address over the last six months of development for this plan. We have come up with a multiple phase-based import approach which we believe mitigates data issues while providing high quality data to be imported.

As a background, we discovered MassGIS data on address parcels available through the 911 data within the state. The raw data consists of points which are located on top of the building centroids, as far as the state is concerned where the buildings are. For multiple building properties, the address point is located in the center of that property. This is workable, but means the data has to be filtered between the two import phases to fix the correlation between the two types of nodes.

We are seeking approval to import ONLY Phase 1 of our data at this time, which is, addresses whereby the address point is linked 1:1 with a building, where there is no ambiguity to which building carries that address. We will conduct this import on a town-by-town basis split across three or more people using JOSM to conflate the points into existing building structures.

In a future approval, we seek to refine our Phase 2 import to assign addresses to multiple building properties. We are not sure on the exact method of this import yet, whether it would be more appropriate to drop an address marker POI on the map, or to try and use Conflation plugin to guesstimate the closest building to the point, and use human interaction to approve the move. Still being worked on, obviously, we would want the action which has the least chance of errant data possible for the OSM dataset.

Without further ado, below is the wiki for our import process. We've already sought local community discussion, and have received no additional concerns. We look forward to your inspection of our process and feedback. Again, we are only concerned with Phase 1 of the import at this time.



Angela Morley,
   with notable support of the other contributors to this project

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