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Thu Feb 22 13:41:20 UTC 2018

Hi Giorgio,

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 3:44 PM, Giorgio Limonta <
giorgio.limonta80 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Why did you avoid "not residential" buildings?
> For example, the following building is still not correctly mapped (and it
>> is not the only one):
>> https://postimg.org/image/p3b4wmsgz/
> yes but that was a problematic one: if I creat two building parts and a
> building feature that contains them, josm validator marks them as an error.
> (perhaps for the particular shape). I solved by erasing the lower part that
> surrounded the main building.

It's likely because one of the two building parts must be a multi polygon.

(and it is not the only one)
> I checked again, I hope it's better now

It is better but I still see some issues:
* A bell tower has one tag "man_made:part=tower" which is not documented.
You should use two building:part tags.
* You should also add building=yes to bell towers.
* There is one building with only one building:part=residential tag (there
should be more than one).
* In this same building the entrance part of the house is tagged as a
separate building.
*The previous example is not the only one where a part of a single building
is tagged as different building.


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