[Imports] Walmart import

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jan 3 13:24:54 UTC 2018


On 12/28/17 00:13, Greg Morgan wrote:
> I found that the SEO
> spammers or even new mappers will try to shove the address in to
> addr:housenumber or addr:street.

A tell-tale sign of bad SEO edits is adding a suite or unit to the
addr:street tag, e.g. "Horseshoe Road Suite B3" or so.

> If we can get the address code from
> balrog-kun or emacsen, then we can come back later to expand addr:full
> to the other missing street components. 

I'm not sure I understand. If it is something that can be done with
code, then surely you want to do it before the import not after. If, on
the other hand, it is something that needs to be done manually, and the
importers cannot be expected to do it, then you'd want to do a
Maproulette challenge or something similar?

> I wouldn't let addr:full be a
> show stopper.  addr:full is a perfectly valid tag in its own right.

addr:full was not really intended to play the role of a container of raw
material for OpenStreetMap community "mechanical turks" to rummage
through during a later cleanup run. -- Are we really talking such a vast
amount of data that it cannot be sorted before the import?


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