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Clifford Snow clifford at snowandsnow.us
Wed Jul 4 13:32:18 UTC 2018

On Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 1:35 AM Christoph Hormann <osm at imagico.de> wrote:

> The only thing that could convince me to change this assessment would
> be - as already mentioned - a thorough analysis of the quality that
> holds up to scientific scrutiny.  And it is frankly much more likely
> that such analysis would confirm my impression.  If it does not that
> would mean Microsoft has made progress in the field that absolutely
> dwarfs everyone else working in the area and if that was the case we
> would see it on the stock market. ;-)
> Don't make the mistake of assuming this to be a building data set like
> various ones produced by local authorities or mapping institutions some
> of which have been considered for import or have been imported in the
> past.  It is not.  Therefore again my statement: IMO this means that a
> proper import review would only be possible based on a thorough
> analysis of the quality of Microsoft's product that holds up to
> scientific scrutiny.

As far as I know, we haven't had a requirement to produce studies to
support importing objects. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying that is
wrong, just new. Maybe this belongs in a separate thread for discussion
since this requirement would raise the bar for imports.

As far as Greg's plans for importing buildings into AZ, the quality
question can be answered by comparing the import data to imagery and
existing buildings. If they don't "fit" then lets not import them. "Fit" as
in they accurately represent the object seen on imagery and on the ground.

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