[Imports] Chatham County North Carolina USA Address Import

Leif Rasmussen 354lbr at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 02:38:49 UTC 2018

I finished importing about 74000 addresses in Orange County North Carolina
on Sunday.  The import went relatively smoothly, with no major screw-ups.
The only problem I ran into was an internet disconnect in the middle of the
10th upload (of 11).  Only half of all addresses in the area had been added
OSM when my internet connection broke.  To fix the issue, I closed the
changeset, deleted all addresses added in the changeset (not all in the
entire import), and re-uploaded that section.  No damage was done to the
OSM database.  Other than the internet problem, everything went perfectly!
I am now planning on doing another import of addresses next weekend, this
time in Chatham County North Carolina.  I will follow the exact same
procedure as the last import, this time ensuring that I use a different
computer that will not lose connection.  I have already created a new wiki
page (
for the import.
Procedure for data transformation:

   - First, I downloaded the data in Shapefile format from Chatham County
   Open Data.
   - Then, I opened the data with JOSM using the opendata plugin.
   - Then, I saved the file.
   - Then, I downloaded every object with "addr:housenumber" and
   "addr:street" in Chatham County using the Overpass API. I saved that data
   as a file as well.
   - I then ran my Java address editing program plugging in the new data
   and existing data. The program corrected casing (CHAPEL HILL -> Chapel
   Hill), created addr:street ("streetDirection"="N", "streetName" =
   "COLUMBIA", & "streetType"="ST" -> "addr:street"="North Columbia Street"),
   and flagged duplicates of existing addresses by comparing the dataset to
   the existing addresses in the OSM database.
   - I opened the file created by the program with JOSM and did some final
   - Finally, I saved the ready-for-upload files on Google drive so that
   anyone can view them.

The Java address editing program is available here (
The transformed address data is available here (

I would love any feedback about the import procedure, quality of data, or
anything else!
Thank you,
Leif Rasmussen
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