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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Sep 17 06:53:22 UTC 2018


On 16.09.2018 21:47, Leif Rasmussen wrote:
> Import wiki
> page: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Miami-Dade_County_Address_Import 

It appears this page has been copied-and-pasted from a "Durham Country"
import page, as a couple of references to Durham remain.

Can you fix that, and make really sure that the rest of the page
actually reflects your planned process and doesn't contain other
left-overs of the copy-and-paste process that are not applicable to the
actual import?

In your email you write

> it is technically possible to just import the addresses without any manual checks. 

What does that mean exactly - are actually planning to import the
addresses without any manual checks, or why do you write that? The wiki
page speaks of "merging addresses with amenities and buildings manually".

For an import to be imported without manual checks, one would expect a
number of additional controls to be carried out, like checking if one of
the address points to be imported sits in the middle of a road or
waterway which would then point to either the address point or the other
feature being inaccurate, etc.

Generally, when someone proposes an import, what I love to see is a plan
of community engagement, i.e. do you have any plans to involve (other,
in case you live in Miami-Dade) local mappers in the import? You write
that "the tasking manager will be used" but that doesn't say much, for
all we know it could be a lone Californian clicking through square after
square ;) - if you have anything to say about this, expand the section
"Team Approach" on the wiki page.

If you decide to follow some of the ideas that Brian has mentioned in
his other post, of course then we're talking a wholly different import
and the documentation should be expanded accordingly, especially with
regards to any methodology applied to matching data from different sets.


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