[Imports] Proposed automated edit: admin_centre linking

krizleebear osm at krizleebear.de
Wed Dec 4 22:52:38 UTC 2019

Hello OSM community,

I'd like to propose an automated edit regarding "admin_centre linking".

I've found that a lot of administrative boundaries are missing their admin_centre member although the respective place nodes have been created long time ago. My impression is that the manual linking is pretty tedious - I've tried.

So I implemented an automatic resolver for that issue.
It currently performs the resolving and exports a table with linked OSM IDs.

After testing and reviewing, I come to the conclusion that an automated edit is a good solution.
I want to get feedback before I implement any further steps.
The next step would be to create OSM changesets adding the links.

Detailed documentation of rationale and implementation can be found here:

Best regards
Christian Leberfinger

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