[Imports] Should this 4-year-old import be deleted? (Ulster County, NY)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jan 23 21:25:29 UTC 2019


I stumbled across this old import:


(There's a few more with source=Ulster County GIS.)

It contains a ton of so-called building footprints, but in reality these
are all squares, independent of the actual building footprint. Also it
covers only approximately half of existing buildings, and has many
buildings where there's nothing visible on aerial imagery at all.

To me this looks like a really low-quality data set that should be
removed, at least where objects haven't been touched by mappers since. I
did not see one single house in this import that actually matched the
situation visible on aerial imagery.

Even if you're a fan of building imports, you would likely agree that
having this data in place will massively complicate any later conflation
of a better data set.


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