[Imports] Import Caracas - Venezuela Slums

Jesus Zambrano jesuzv1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 00:34:53 UTC 2019

I would like to discuss an import process of a series of shapefile for a
research project regarding Caracas - Venezuela slums. Specifically, 2
Slums' Corridors named "23 de Enero - San Juan" and "Catia Sur".

The data to import was collected in a multi-week workshop with
professionals working directly in-place in the slums.

It is to note that the area intended to modify is mostly empty (data-less).

In order to facilitate the data import, first was downloaded the data for
the area of interest from the website

Then the data were compared, matched and updated according to the fields
and attributes of the shapefiles gathered from the above-mentioned website.

The resulting shapefiles were imported to the JOSM Java Editor and saved in
OSM format. Then each layer was uploaded to the sandbox server

The changesets uploaded to the sandbox are as follow:

- Points of Worship


- Points of Interest


- Points of Interest - Polygons


- Places


- Land Use


This text description was also uploaded to the wiki page for user jesuzv
and that user was created specifically for this import task.



Jesus Zambrano
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