[Imports] Open Government Data- India Health Facilities Import

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jul 10 14:00:13 UTC 2019


thank you for writing.

I applaud your mention of "local knowledge" under the "data merge
workflow"; how are you going to ensure that participants actually do
have local knowledge?

I have a few comments on your documentation but I haven't been looking
at the data yet.

First, there are almost no tags in OSM that begin with an upper-case
letter. Your documentation mentions several tags with captial letters.
Double-check them.

Second, you write that "General attributes (Addresses details, Contact
Information, Operator etc.. ) in the directories will be tagged with the
reference to Global OSM keys.". It would be good to have an exact plan
of how you intend to convert this information. Among the values you wish
to retain are things like "Pincode", "Hospital_Primary_Email_Id",
"Taluka_Name" and I would very much like to know how these will be
mapped to OSM in a way that is compatible with existing data in India.

Third, you suggest to tag every object with "Import=yes". Don't do that,
tag the changeset with import=yes instead. Also, don't use hashtags in
your changeset comment ("#IndiaHealthFacilitiesImport
#OpenGovernmentData)", they are an insult to the human reader - use a
proper description ("Import of health facilities in India, see <wiki
link>" or so).

Fourth, has the Indian Government Open Data License been approved for
import data sources? I am worried that OSM is not compliant with the
attribution requirements.

Fifth, I am concerned that you write "QA: post-import". What problems do
you expect and can they be avoided during the import, rather than fix
them after? "We'll do QA after the import" is, sadly, a good intention
of many organised projects which then often fail to do this step.


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