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Wed Jul 17 08:04:48 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

This is to inform you all that this week we are planning to start the import process in small sections and the status of the same will be updated in the OSM wiki and also in GitHub. https://github.com/RMSI-OSM/India-Health-Facilities/issues/5

You can find the transformed datasets here https://github.com/RMSI-OSM/India-Health-Facilities

Please find the below links to view the data of the batch 1 in small sections:

RR1: https://github.com/RMSI-OSM/India-Health-Facilities/blob/master/Import%20Batch1A-TG-RR1.csv

RR2: https://github.com/RMSI-OSM/India-Health-Facilities/blob/master/Import%20Batch1B-TG-RR2.csv

RR3: https://github.com/RMSI-OSM/India-Health-Facilities/blob/master/Import%20Batch1C-TG-RR3.csv

RR4: https://github.com/RMSI-OSM/India-Health-Facilities/blob/master/Import%20Batch1d-TG-RR4.csv

While importing we will make sure :

*         Each of the facility node will be added on the building feature or add a building feature if missing any.

*         Adjust and improve the locations of the health facilities before importing.

*         There will be no duplicates or overlapping of same feature.

As per the previous conversation, we have excluded the import=yes in the element tags, modified the changesets comment and also updated the wiki page with more detailed data transformation details.



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