[Imports] diet:vegan and diet:vegetarian auto-import

Alexis Athlani alexis.at at l214.com
Fri Jun 14 14:50:10 UTC 2019

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Alexis and I work for L214, a French Animal Welfare Organisation.
As part of our campaigns, we are working to improve the accessibility of
plant based food in supermarkets and restaurants.
In 2015 we have started creating a directory of all vegan and vegan
friendly *eateries* in France: VegOresto.
The data we have gathered through this project could be imported to OSM and
we would like to setup an auto import.

Few words about the project to help you better understand *how we source
our data*:

In addition to offering a web platform, our teams proactively research
vegan friendly places in France by getting in touch with restaurants owners
and by helping them add vegan alternatives to their menu: at least one
starters, mains and dessert.
We have gathered over 1400 restaurants at the moment, and this figure is
constantly growing.
All of our records have been *manually created and reviewed, and are
regularly updated by a network of volunteers*.

I've listed below the most important tags we would like to use.
We are open to ideas on how to use them at their best potential and would
be interested in discussing how to go about creating an auto import.
Below is the documentation suggested in the Automated Edits Code Of Conduct

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards,

Who: Alexis Athlani, on behalf of L214 (https://www.l214.com)

Strengthen the availability of the following tags:

   - *diet:vegan=yes (vegan friendly) = This is all of our 1400 restaurants*
   - diet:vegan=only (vegan)
   - diet:vegetarian=yes (vegetarian friendly)
   - diet:vegetarian=only (vegetarian)

Secondary goal: allow short sighted and blind people to benefit from our
The map we provide to people isn't accessible (
https://vegoresto.fr/recherche/) but we know some map projects around OSM

A detailed description of the algorithm you will use to decide which
objects are changed how:
1) Check if the place already exists in OSM.
2) If it does: only attach the appropriate *diet* tag to it.
3) Otherwise: adds the place, all its attributes, and the appropriate
*diet* tag
to it.

When the change was made, or how frequently it is going to be repeated: to
be discussed
Information on how to "opt out":
We will create a script that does the opposite of the steps above:
- remove all diet tags that were added
- remove places that were added
For this we will store the ids of the places that were updated / added.
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