[Imports] City of Portsmouth, Virginia Building/Address Import

Max Erickson maxerickson at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 11:46:54 UTC 2019

I see you've put street/city/postcode address tags on small secondary
buildings (sheds and garages and the like). I don't see a need for

There's 420 occurrences of "addr:housenumber=0", which I wonder if
that is a placeholder or a real address part.

Taking 301 Fort Lane as an example, it seems the conflation of
relations will have to be quite careful, as it appears that size rules
have been applied to objects that aren't buildings, there's courtyards
tagged as a sheds and buildings and a swimming pool with building and
address tags.

Source tags can probably just go on the changesets.

Also, consider using building=detached for detached houses, the
distinction doesn't particularly exist in US building data, but it's
something that can eventually exist.


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