[Imports] Bus stop import in Raleigh area of North Carolina, USA

Leif Rasmussen 354lbr at gmail.com
Fri May 3 23:40:17 UTC 2019

Hi everyone!
After completing the buildings import in Raleigh, NC, we are moving on to
the bus stops.  We have set up a Tasking Manager project, so importing
should be ready to start once all comments have been addressed.

* Size of import: Fewer than 2796 bus stops (many have already been added
to OSM, and will be updated rather than deleted and replaced).
* Tasking Manager project: https://tasks.openstreetmap.us/project/120
* Wiki page: https://wiki.osm.org/wiki/Research_Triangle_NC_Transit_Import
* Start time: Sometime in May, 2019

Here is the file of bus stops we plan on importing:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SbcWF8U8vzJGRg7cWWCBfgTy9X4n-hCB  -- We
will manually adjust and improve the locations of bus stops before
importing, since that seemed to be the largest issue (some stops were up to
10 meters away from the actual location of the stop).

We will start sometime later this month if no issues are raised.  After the
import is finished, we will likely attempt adding bus routes, either
automatically or manually.  We will send another email to this list before
importing any routes, however, since that is a separate import.

Leif Rasmussen
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