[Imports] Import chalet and BnB in Matera, Italy

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> Hello,
> please find here wiki [1] about importing 700+ POIs.
> [1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import/Catalogue/BnB-Matera

I did not have a look at the actual data, but these are my comments on the
proposed tag transformation:

Field Value Tagged as Notes
ID 414 ref=414
LAT 40.6583221 n/a geocoord
LON 16.6113357 n/a geocoord
TIPOLOGIA Bed & Breakfast or Casa Vacanza tourism=guest_house or
name BELVEDERE name=Belvedere
LEGALE_RA MANICON NICOLA operator=Manicon Nicola
UBICAZIONE Via Morelli 1 addr:street=Via Morelli


City Matera addr:city=Matera
POSTI LETTO 25 beds=25

1. Not sure whether we should import the external IDs at all, but even if
we would do it, the tag "ref" wouldn't be the right tag for it. I would
suspect these refer to a specific dataset and are not useful on the ground?

2. The tag "tourism=chalet" refers to a freestanding single unit dwelling
(if I am not misguided), while the Italian term "casa vacanza" very often
refers to tourism=apartment. How will these be distinguished?

3. The tag "ref:vatin" in Italian means "Partita IVA", rather than "Codice
Fiscale" (which has not generally to do with VAT / IVA). It may be
problematic publishing personal tax insurance numbers (unlike the VAT
identification numbers of businesses).

4. The tag "beds" is for the number of beds, while "posto letto" is for
sleeping possibilities, which in the context of holiday accomodation can be
totally different things (divano letto = convertible sofa-bed). Generally,
there are more "capacity" tags combined with tourism objects, than "beds"
tags (if my taginfo foo didn't let me down).

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