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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue May 28 12:33:29 UTC 2019


On 28.05.19 13:18, Fedor Zubrytski wrote:
> Hi there! We want to import changeset
> https://osm.rocketdata.io/project/create_all_2_20190524

Thank you for posting and for taking the time to load your data set into
a conflation tool for review!

I notice that all the points carry the note "Rejected with the verdict:
duplicate". What does that mean?

I checked a few random records and found a few questionable items, e.g.


this is in a parking lot. Could it be a mobile vending point? Looks
unlikely to be amenity=cafe.


is in a cinema and the building next door is already mapped with a
"Coffe Like" - perhaps you did not find that because it was misspelled?
Or maybe these are indeed two different vending points.


is right next to an existing "Coffee Like", perhaps you can research why
your automatic matching didn't find that and if there are other
situations like it.

It might make sense to run a database query against OSM and identify
those import points that are not located in buildings *but* in an area
that tends to have buildings - and check whether they need moving or a
building needs to be added.

The tags "geocode_address" and "user_address" are confusing and should
be dropped. Instead, if you can, use the standard "addr:street",
"addr:housenumber", "addr:city" and so on.


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