[Imports] Import "Schweizer Familie Feuerstellen" / Firepits Switzerland

Ilja Gerhardt ilja at cryptix.net
Wed Oct 16 19:51:16 UTC 2019

Wow, Michael, that's very, very helpful. And indeed, the proposed import
won't work 1:1 due to copyright issues. You're right on this.
Furthermore, I now realize that the OSM data is more accurate than the
proposed import...

I am not sure, do 'we' want to label the existing firepits as 'Schweizer
Familie'? When I walk by, I could do so. Do 'we' want to link against
the 'schweizerfeuerstellen.ch' page?

btw: I speak fluently also German, i.e. wir koennen auch auf Deutsch

Gruesse aus den Bergen


On 10/16/19 2:15 PM, michael spreng wrote:
> Hi Ilja
> Thank you for discussing this with the community first.
> I'm from Switzerland and familiar with those "Schweizer Familie
> Feuerstellen". I had a look a the data this morning. The license issue
> has already been mentioned (we need some documentation that that we can
> use the data for OSM) As well as the tags issue was already raised by
> Martin, with whom I agree.
> Existing data:
> The other thing I see, is that many of those fire pits are already
> mapped. So we would need a plan how to detect already mapped points and
> what to do with them. See this comparison: http://umap.osm.ch/m/2442/
> best regards
> Michael
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