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Patrick Lake Patrick.Lake at odileeds.org
Fri Apr 3 15:02:03 UTC 2020


I’m planning an import of this data set - https://datamillnorth.org/dataset/litter-bin-locations of council litter bins in Leeds (UK). It’s released under an Open Government License (OGLv3) and we’re importing the data on behalf of the council as part of a wider project, so we have explicit permission to publish it under an Open Database License.

I’ve consulted the talk-gb mailing list; responses have all been positive and I’ve taken into account all the feedback on tags to use etc. The upload will be automated (using the upload.py scripts), but we’ve taken an export from OSM and compared it to our dataset to identify potential duplicates. Those will not be included in the main import but we may manually review some of them using JOSM and add them if appropriate.

A test run has been done on the development version (https://master.apis.dev.openstreetmap.org/changeset/170704#map=11/53.8278/-1.5312) and everything went smoothly. I’ve written a wiki page too with the tags we’ll be using etc - https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Leeds_Bins_2020

I’d like to get the import done as soon as possible, myself and the team have taken great care and we’re happy that we’ve planned appropriately. The OSM XML file has been prepared and is ready to upload (I can share this if needed).

Please could someone let me know if its OK to go ahead?


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