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Nate Wessel bike756 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 16:12:57 UTC 2020

Hello Imports list,

I am proposing an import of ~57,000 buildings in Toronto, Ontario.

About a year and a half ago, there was an import process begun for 
building footprints across most of Canada. That effort made rapid 
progress in Ontario before being halted due to disputes about data 
quality, lack of prior discussion, and other issues. Hundreds of 
thousands of buildings in Toronto were imported at the time, though 
substantial gaps in coverage still remain. The goal of this import is to 
fill those gaps within the City of Toronto, using data from the same 
source as the original import.

I believe all of the issues that got in the way of the initial effort 
have been addressed by this import plan, including:
1. broader discussion and consensus building with the local community 
prior to import
2. using smaller, more manageable tasks
3. simplifying geometries before import
4. having a manageable plan for orthogonalizing buildings
5. not overwriting user-contributed buildings by default (i.e. importing 
only non-conflated buildings)

The import plan is documented on the wiki: 
and a tasking manager has been set up for the project: 

Please let me know if there are any remaining issues with the plan, 
reasons why it shouldn't proceed, areas needing better documentation, etc.



Nate Wessel, PhD
Planner, Cartographer, Transport Nerd
NateWessel.com <https://www.natewessel.com>

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