[Imports] Mass Import bicycle_repair_station for radkultur-bw

Homy importsosm at chomeyer.de
Fri Jul 10 14:58:32 UTC 2020


I want to mass import bicycle_repair_stations for a german supplier 
called radkultur-bw.

A company or a public institution could buy a station and deploy it on 
their ground, but publicy available and for no charge.

The supplier also provides a map:


I kindly ask for permission to extract the data to OpenStreetMap. They 
gave me the permission and a GeoJSON URL:

Now I want to import the nodes on openstreetmap converting them as follow:

"type": "FeatureCollection",
   "features": [
       "type": "Feature",
       "properties": {
         "operator": "Bad Säckingen",
         "name": "Funpark/Feuerwehr",
         "year": "2017",
         "size": "Große Station",
         "rakuDesign": true,
         "sponsorship": "",
         "address": {
           "street": "Murger Weg 8",
           "plz": "79713",
           "place": "Bad Säckingen"
         "supplier": null,
         "type": "radservice-punkt"
       "geometry": {
         "type": "Point",
         "coordinates": [


|amenity=bicycle_repair_station brand=radservice-punkt 
opening_hours=24/7 operator=||Bad Säckingen service:bicycle:pump=yes service:bicycle:tools=yes 
start_date=2017 |

I also did an overpass export and compared the data and found 43 
collisions which I think I have to solve manually.

My Approach:

1. Download radservice-punkte.json

2. Convert them

3. Remove collisions in this set

4. Update the existing nodes on OSM

5. Mass import the set without the collisions

A further step is to repeat the steps to synchronize the dataset (BOT). 
But ATM that's beyond my scope.

For importing the data I already started a discussion here:

I also added the permission here:

So am I allowed to mass import this data?

Thanks a million.



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