[Imports] Making small imports of the Microsoft US buildings where I can manually check every spot

Alexander Maiorov alexander.mmaiorov at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 14:37:56 UTC 2021

Good Morning,

I have created an API(explaination on the same website where the API is
hosted on at https://3twenty2.xyz/static/us-buildings.html) to make small
extracts of the Microsoft US buildings extract dataset. I created it faced
with the question of whether I might be able to use it to import bit-by-bit
and locally, where I can manually check over areas, and leaving it up to
others to import their own areas that they know in detail. However, this is
still by technicality an import, even one that is thoroughly checked
through local knowledge. I am wondering whether I would be able to use this
API combined with JOSM as a data source with manual checking against aerial
imagery and local knowledge rather than doing bulk imports, which
require(as they should) a lengthy approval process. I will refrain from
using the API to make any kind of edits until I am given approval that I
may use it for areas where I have local knowledge and small enough that I
may manually check them.

Thank you,
Alex Maiorov
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