[Imports] Fwd: Importing West Virginia State Forests Boundary

Attila Kun attila at attilakundev.com
Wed Aug 11 19:42:15 UTC 2021

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Subject: 	Importing West Virginia State Forests Boundary
Date: 	Wed, 11 Aug 2021 21:26:57 +0200
From: 	Attila Kun <attila at attilakundev.com>
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Hi OSM US community,

I don't know if it's enough to email here(so don't have to forward to 
import list), but me and Zelonewolf(Brian Sperlongano) are planning to 
import West Virginia State Forests. I'm doing the paperwork*, Brian the 

The wikipage has been created for it here: 

Since Jonathan Brier / wolfgang8741 contacted once WV GIS TC about 
permission on using datasets from their website, he received the 
following answer from Frank LaFone on behalf of Kurt Donaldson stating 
/"Secondly, we'd love for any of our data to be put into OpenStreet Map. 
Broadly speaking, unless it states explicitly otherwise, all the 
datasets on our clearinghouse are Public Domain datasets. We mostly deal 
in those datasets which we can freely share with the public. That should 
be sufficient for inclusion in OpenStreet Map." /This was originally 
meant for trails, but as you can read, it's not only for that. So we 
have the permission to use it.

If you have any objections, or questions, requests, feel free to pose it.

Attila Kun

* aka editing the wiki page and updating it about the progress. [this 
wasn't included in the original email, i forgot it]
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