[Imports] Spanish mountain ranges import.

Sergio Quintero squinterog75 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 08:39:12 UTC 2021

Dear community:

Despite of the fact that mountain ranges are an essential element on all
kind of maps (and on topographical maps in particular), this key elements
are still poorly covered in Spain, a mountainous country with thousands of
small mountain ranges all over the territory.

Because of this, a few weeks ago I started to manually map the mountain
ranges of my region, with the official MTN25 (National Topographic Map - we
have express permission to use it in OSM) as a source. However, I quickly
realized that mountain ranges are a particularly easy and suitable element
to import, given the following facts:

-It is a very important element in any map, specifically in Spanish
topographical maps (there are nearly 5400 mountain ranges -spanish
"Sierras"- in the MTN25)
-Despite its importance, it's a very poorly mapped element so far > No
duplication problems.
-It is an element that, by definition, cannot interact in any way with
other pre-existing elements on the map > No integration problems.
-We have an official, well-organized, documented, reliable, verifiable and
accurate source of data > No verifiability problems.
-We have explicit permission to use this data > No license problems.

The source we plan to use is the NGBE (Nomenclator Geográfico Básico de
España), the main source of its kind from the IGN (Instituyo Geográfico
Nacional), which is the main national geographical authority in Spain. The
data is published under a CC BY 4.0 license and we have explicit permission
from the IGN to use it:

The mountain ranges will be imported as nodes, which is the recommended way
to map these elements in the wiki documentation. The details of the import
have been discussed in the Spanish mailing list, and can be found in the
wiki prepared for this purpose, please don't hesitate to ask about specific
aspects or translation if necessary:

I look forward to your comments, questions and clarifications. Thank you
very much in advance,

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