[josm-dev] JOSM Modeless???

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Oct 24 16:05:59 BST 2007


> For example, if I want to make two ways share a common node

You mean there are existing ways with existing nodes that you want to
merge? Use "merge nodes" from the Utils plugin. There has also been a
patch to include "merge nodes" in the JOSM core but that hasn't been
applied (yet?) because we're still discussing the best way to do this.

> Another one is the delete function.  I have never seen any other tool 
> with a delete that worked like the delete in JOSM.  If you have 
> anything selected when you click the delete button it is 
> deleted.  Then on top, the mode has changed to delete and anything I 
> click is now deleted. 

Yes, this will change. We will have a delete menu item/delete action
triggered by the delete key which deletes what you have selected, and
a delete mode which deletes everything you click on.

> Why do we need a 
> delete mode at all?

It is very handy for some people, e.g. to thin out a way which has too
many nodes - without a delete mode you would either have to select all
nodes first (shift-click shift-click shift-click) then use the delete
action, or you would have to click-delete-click-delete...

> One feature I would love to see could facilitate the use of track 
> data for generating ways.  Rather than use JOSM as electronic tracing 
> paper to draw ways over top of the tracks, I would like to have a 
> means to select nodes from the track to be transferred to a new 
> way.  In essence, let the track define the points and I am just 
> culling the ones that are superfluous to the way.  I think this could 
> be facilitated by letting JOSM tell you which points can be 
> eliminated and keeping the way to within a user specified distance of 
> the track.

There is a non-JOSM tool for this and efforts are under way to make a
JOSM plugin from that. I don't know who is acutally working on it (is
anybody?) but I'm sure your input would be welcome!

> Lastly, it would be very nice to be able to see the name of the 
> action to be undone or redone.  It is more than once that I can't 
> tell if I moved an object when I selected it. 

Good idea to include that. Meanwhile you can also have the "edit
history" dialog open and look at the most recent entries there.


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