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Thanks for having a crack at this. Will have a test run during my next edit
session. From what you have said it sounds like it’s a perfect way of
drawing rectangles in a visual way. CAD goes one step further of course in
that you can set the distance of the offset. Clearly we don’t yet think
distance in OSM but can see in the future that some will want to offset a
specified distance if objects are being measured, but I don’t see a real
great need for it now, although an option to snap to an offset distance
would be a great way to round off the tool. That facility could also be used
for drawing parallel objects as well.

I find that I drag a way all too often inadvertently when moving nodes, ie I
accidentally end up selecting the way rather than the node. So I'd certainly
be happy to try the function for all way drags to get rid of the extra mode.
I guess we would want a modifier to enable the actual move of a whole way. I
do occasionally move whole ways (areas normally) that have been drawn from
landsat where a shift needs to be made to fit with later mapping from GPS.



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>   we have talked a lot about putting some sort of CAD-like "drawing
>functions" into JOSM. The most important use case for these is
>creating true rectangular shapes.
>There are many ideas how this could be done, and most have some merit.
>I have implemented one of these to play around with and get an idea
>how it could work. This method works a bit like Google's "sketchup"
>tool which is relatively user friendly.
>Download the experimental JOSM version from here:
>Now, to draw a rectangle, do this:
>* first draw a simple two-node way along one of the edges of the
>  building.
>* select the "geometry" tool on the left hand side (the one with the
>  triangular ruler as an icon)
>* using the mouse, grab the centre of the line you have drawn and
>  pull it in either direction. A rectangle is drawn.
>* release the mouse. Two new nodes are inserted, and your two-node
>  way is changed into an area.
>The best thing about this is that you can continue to work with the
>rectangle, i.e. if you now insert two nodes at one side of the
>and grab the middle bit and pull it up or down, again two new nodes
>will be inserted into your shape.
>I'm sure this will still have a lot of quirks, please tell me what
>they are.
>For this demo, I have created an extra mode, which is a bit sad since
>we were just about to get rid of tons of mode changes. Do you think
>there is good way how we could integrate this functionality into the
>standard drawing mode? Currently, when in standard drawing mode,
>dragging a way does nothing, so we could theoretically put this
>functionality in there. This would be good since drawing a complex
>building might require inserting lots of nodes and extruding lines
>alternatingly. On the other hand, maybe we will introduce more drawing
>functions like this extrusion and it is good to group them in an extra
>Any feedback is welcome.
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