[josm-dev] License clarification for JOSM plugins

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Apr 14 21:22:20 BST 2008


> Would you agree that the current licensing situation is unclear?

I thought so until now, but...

> Putting "GPLv2 or later" headers on all the files would not require  
> seeking the permission of anyone. No file has been restricted to "GPLv2  
> only" by a header, and the GPL says that if no version number is  
> specified, then any can be used. Adding headers like that would make  
> things much more clear.

... if you say that the GPL clearly states "any can be used" for this
case, then do we need to make an effort to explicitly state the obvious?

If I had to touch every single source file I'd probably opt for
removing the license comments there and put then in one central place.


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