[josm-dev] License clarification for JOSM plugins

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Apr 14 23:15:17 BST 2008


> But the _point_ of the license comments is that they are attached to  
> every file, thereby making it clear what the terms for that file are.  
> You need to put _something_ on each file.

There is no way I will ad 10+ lines of stupid disclaimers about
warranty to each and every single file in JOSM. This is, thankfully,
not America.

I especially dislike the idea of a "copyright" line on every file
since I would have to amend that each time I apply a patch that
someone sent. Imi seemingly had the same problem and simply put "and
others", which doesn't do any good either.

I have now updated the "LICENSE" file in JOSM to say that it is safe
to assume "GPL v2 or later" (file attached below). In the jurisdiction
I live in, it is generally the *intent* that counts, and I assume that
all contributors who have contributed under GPLv2 would also have done
so under v3. If anyone who has contributed stuff under v2 is unhappy
with this, contact me and we'll find a way to resolve this without
breaking JOSM. 

I will also, at some point in the near future, update every single
source file to contain a reference to this "LICENSE" file.

I think this should be good enough for the Debian guys to go ahead
with their work.



JOSM License

JOSM, and all its integral parts, are released under the GNU General 
Public License.

Earlier contributions to JOSM did not specifiy a version of that
license, but the license included in the distribution was version 2.

All contributions made on or after 15 April 2008 are explicitly "GPL 
v2 or later".

This is valid for all files released in the JOSM subversion tree, even
if they do not carry their own copyright or license information.

According to the current JOSM maintainer, it is safe to assume that
all previous contributions are also "GPL v2 or later", but an effort
will be made to contact the past contributors to have full clarity.

The GPL v3 is accessible here:

The GPL v2 is accessible here:

Note: This is not valid for JOSM plugins. These are not considered
an integral part of JOSM and may be under any license.

Copyright and Contributors

JOSM was written by Immanuel Scholz <imi at eigenheimstrasse.de>.

Major code contributions from (in alphabetical order):

David Earl <david at frankieandshadow.com>
Gabriel Ebner <ge at gabrielebner.at>
Ulf Lamping <ulf.lamping at web.de>
Raphael Mack <ramack at raphael-mack.de>
Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>

Please add your name liberally if you think you have made a major
contribution (or add names of others who have).

Many minor contributions and patches by others; see SVN history
at http://josm.openstreetmap.de/svn/ for details.

Copyright rests with the contributors.

Frederik Ramm  ##  eMail frederik at remote.org  ##  N49°00'09" E008°23'33"

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