[josm-dev] Geometry stuff committed

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Fri Apr 18 12:09:56 BST 2008

Frederik Ramm wrote:
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>Subject: Re: [josm-dev] Geometry stuff committed
>> next features in the que:
>> * create double carrigeway
>Soemone has suggested to use something like the "extrude" feature for
>this. First you draw the centre line of the double carriageway, then
>you grab it using a tool and move it to one side, and this causes
>both lines to move away from the centre line. Might be worth a try
>(and ideally suited for making dual c.w.s out ouf normal roads).

My initial thought was that we don’t want it to work that way because GPX
tracks don't go down the middle, but then I remembers the TIGER data which
by far has the most single ways which should be dual, so something that
takes these single ways and makes them a pair is I'm sure going to be of
benefit to those in the USA. Not sure its such a big deal elsewhere, we have
the copy and paste function which is pretty easy to use to duplicate a way.



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