[josm-dev] Gray image from (e)wmsplugin/webkit-image

"Marc Schütz" schuetzm at gmx.net
Thu Dec 25 16:46:04 GMT 2008

Hi list!

I'm trying to use the new wmsplugin with webkit on Windows 2000. However, webkit-image only produces grey tiles with the Yahoo logo in the bottom right corner.

The URL webkit-image tries to render is:

When I call webkit-image manually (webkit-image "file:///C:/..." > test.png) I get the same grey image as in JOSM. However, webkit-image does successfully render other web pages (e.g. www.google.com).

When I open the URL in a webbrowser (IE, FF3), it correctly shows the aerial image.

I have updated all the components in question today (JOSM 1178, wmsplugin 12534, webkit-image from 2008-12-19, size 25088 bytes), even first deleted the wmsplugin.jar and the directory it has created from JOSM's plugin dir, so I'm pretty sure I'm using the newest versions.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Regards, Marc

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