[josm-dev] Commit message not empty

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Apr 22 12:28:28 BST 2009


Lars Francke wrote:
> As the API allows to query for all open changesets by a given user
> what I would like to see is an option on upload to append to any of my
> open changesets

Sounds like somewhat of a "power user feature" to me. I'd say if you 
want to work on different things at the same time, open different 
instances of JOSM ;-)

> or to ignore that and open a new changset while
> _optionally_ entering a comment.

JOSM will not allow you to omit the comment, much as SVN doesn't allow 
you to commit without a message. Meaningful comments are vital to the 
usability of the whole changeset thing and while I can't (yet) force 
people to enter something meaningful, at least I want to convey to them 
the message that we really, really, really want them to enter something!


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