[josm-dev] JOSM Fail

Shaun McDonald osm at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Fri Jan 16 13:37:14 GMT 2009

On 16 Jan 2009, at 13:24, Petr Nejedly wrote:

> Sascha Silbe napsal(a):
>> On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 01:08:35PM +0100, Pieren wrote:
>>>> +1 for making this harder to activate (separate mode, ctrl+drag,
>>>> whatever). It's pretty annoying when trying to select a region in a
>>>> densely mapped area.
>>> -1
> -1
>>> I'm moving ways. I cannot say "every day" but I move ways when I:
>>> - improve roundabouts (position, circle)
>>> - draw dual carriageways (copy, paste, reverse, move)
>>> - draw areas like buildings or parks
>> How would e.g. having to press Ctrl in addition to dragging impact  
>> your
>> workflow?
>> I don't see why you're opposed to making it harder to  
>> _unintentionally_
>> using it.
> Well, as long as Undo is reliable, making useful feature harder to  
> use/discover
> is a nonsense. "I helped her find Undo." scares me a bit, though.
> Ctrl+Z works all around the world and it's even listed in the Edit  
> menu as usual.

How many newbie computer users know about undo? I'd say not that many.


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