[josm-dev] Error messages in Josm

Jonas Stein news at jonasstein.de
Thu Aug 12 14:47:55 BST 2010

i just had a problem with josm. A friend tried to reproduce the steps and
got a different (translated) message.

I suggest to add errorcodes and 
not to translate error messages as things get very improper.
Errormessages could start with 
WW: warning
II: information
EE: error

That could help to filter information.

"Fatal:" seems to be not the best word to describe the situation.

JOSM will not stop working for german users:

"Fatal: failed to locate image 'markers/Bus Station.png'. This is a serious configuration problem. JOSM will stop working."

"Fehler: Das Bild 'markers/Bus Station.png' konnte nicht geladen werden. Das ist ein schwerwiegendes Konfigurationsproblem."

please comment,

Jonas Stein <news at jonasstein.de>

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